satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

hi kids, I'm back in LA.

we finally got completely moved out of our old office here in LA a couple of weeks ago. jeff (the new guy) and I got a lot done at work while I was in phx, and thanks to him, I had a great time, too. even if the hike up camelback left me sore for days.

also, he gets 435739285623 bonus points for turning me on to the bad plus. if you have any love for jazz at all, and like yourself even just a little bit, buy yourself a copy of these are the vistas immediately. if you're disappointed, I'll buy your copy off you and give it to someone more deserving.† here's a one-click sample, 100 kbps.

this morning, I'm waiting on the apartment people to wander by and do and inspection, and then I'm going to try and make it up to pasadena in time for lunch with the local EDT crew... then, to burbank to excise a small chunk of flesh for each frame I'm losing between our cabinets and our gateway. that shouldn't hurt TOO much.

oh yeah, it's nice to have my own coffee again.

UPDATE: apartment people are here and gone. they're going to be adding a building-wide ventilation system starting next month... should help dry things out, that'll be nice.

† some restrictions apply, inquire for details

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