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I'm out of sorts today. nothing's really wrong, I'm just feeling kinda quirky and disconnected. a little like I should get out of the house this evening, and a lot like I don't know where to go. I think I'll just work on some more random things, have some soup, read. tomorrow, I need to spend a few minutes working on the TV, I'd like to be able to watch the news. oh yeah, and hook the record player up, now that I have a phono stage (thanks to jeremy () and jeff ()), so I can listen to the in sound from way out (I've been craving it the last couple of days and don't have the cd). I miss being able to stop by and surprise ivan with new music, so I mailed him a copy of these are the vistas over the weekend (shhhhh)... I hope he enjoys it.

I cleaned out the refrigerator earlier, it's pretty much empty again. still one saucepan of science experiment, but other than that's it's reduced down to Things That Never Spoil like mustard. I'm going to be brave and try the cucumber and onion salad that's been in there for some time... it's either gonna be really good, or make me really sick.

I'm going down to long beach tomorrow evening to finish setting up christy's home network, that should be fun. and I need to get moving on tickets to the angels v. dodgers game on the 25th... so far it's like six of us going.

it was beautiful, sunny, windy... and I stared at it through the window and thought "I should be there" all day. things I want to do, things I don't... life feels complicated today.

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