satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

so yeah, I'm moving... the new place is in hermosa beach, about ten minutes south of the old place. I've wanted to live in hermosa for a long-ass time, so it's pretty cool that I've finally made it happen. it's a wee little studio, about 230 ft^2, not including hallway and bathroom... not exactly a palace, but I basically traded my bedroom (like I need a separate room for a twin bed and a pile of dirty clothes) and $125/month for a not-in-a-complex place owned by a real couple, a nice view of valley park, and a 400 yard walk to the ocean. it's above the garage behind a house inhabited by two pretty cool people (from the 5 minutes apiece I've talked to them) who are gone for five-to-ten-week-at-a-time stretches. there's some general clean-up that needs to be done on the patio and in the alley, but I don't mind taking care of that. and the kitchenette is pretty weak, but I'm already keeping an eye out for a replacement for the kinda wack stove-o-sink-erator thing (which was probably hella cool when it was new, but is totally run-down now). and there was already a dual-LNB dish on the roof, so my tivo is back in action. score! anyway, new address, a map, and some full-on june gloom-illuminated photos follow.


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