satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

two weekends ago when james was here, we hit amoeba... I went through the used new arrivals and ended up grabbing a few comps that caught my eye. one of them was OIL:

What you hold in your hands are 19 songs recorded in 15 days inside a makeshift "guerrilla style" recording studio in an old oil blending factory located on Chicago's South Side. The recording process, the bands involved, the eventual songs—are all perfect representations of Chicago's rich tradition as a "no bones about it" working-class town. Listen closely. There is no glitz, no polish, only grit and glory. Listen more closely, and hear the sounds of the city: trains, planes, Highway 55, and the factory itself, continuously grinding and working mercilessly. This is a snapshot of the Chicago underground. These songs can't be found anywhere else by there. This is history—Chicago style.

I finally got around to listening on the drive back from the IE tonight, and holy shit, this is the most amazing comp I've ever heard. track 9... damn, I had no idea the guys from cap'n jazz had glued themselves back together again. anyway, it's six freakin' bucks, so skip that seven-adjective latte and buy something that will stick with you a lot longer.

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