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not leaving the house all day is a bad thing. I finally got off my ass and skated up the strand to the m.b. pier and back... maybe now I can concentrate on things that need to get done.

I've been absolutely unmotivated the last two days, primarily with respect to work. it's a pretty typical response to a week in phoenix... we got so much done, so fast, that the following decompression seems like a total lack of productivity. well, maybe it is. I've got deadlines though, so on I march.

the good news is, I really haven't been working all THAT much the last ten days. I was supposed to be in phoenix at 7a last monday... that means flight out at 5:30, airport at 4:30, up at 2:30. when I woke up—after two hours of sleep and seven days on—I thought to myself, "what the fuck am I doing?" I was incoherent, and felt like shit (you know, that nasty fuck-you-for-interrupting-my-digestion feeling). I stumbled over to the laptop and send t.p.t.b an email that said I'd be there later, and went back to bed. sans alarm clock. so I got there around 3p, and the world did not explode.


yesterday on the way to long beach to do some project work with christy, I was listening to clear channel radio CEO john hogan on fresh aire talking about how deregulation increased diversity in radio. does anyone actually buy that? the scary thing is, he sounds like HE does. he made a point about clear channel only owning 12% of the commercial radio stations in the US... which doesn't really sound like all that much. now, the corollary question is, what percentage of commercial radio broadcasting power does clear channel own? too bad fresh aire isn't a call-in show, I might could have started an argument with that one.


on tuesday, I sent an email. as I clicked send, I started laughing, as I realized it was the very nonsensical-out-of-context kind of thing that usually shows up in my journal with jeremy's name in front of it:

From: Greck Cannon
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 12:50 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Subject: RE: This is a test; please reply when you have a minute.

OK, I'm going to be adding another plate of spaghetti, hopefully everyone has enough forks.



weeks ago, I bought a couple of comps at amoeba... one of them I already mentioned. (if you ended up with a copy, I'd love to hear other opinions. I think my favorite tracks so far are the ones by rise against, the ghost, and owls.) I also picked up a copy of punk-o-rama 8. two more discs of the usual from epitaph... a new pulley track, and a few other stand-outs. including one that's outta place, and there has certainly been enough whining about it. honestly though, the track by the non-prophets is probably the best thing on there. listen past the eminem stylistic similarities, and the guy has a really good turn of phrase... both the audio and lyrics for "makeshift patriot" are available on the site.


I was trying to take a few pictures of the mess in my apartment today, and managed to get the camera knocked off the bookcase it was propped on. the moving group in the lens is now more of a floating group, so there won't be any capturing of the moment for a while. well, at least not in focus, anyway. I don't really have the $$$ to replace it right now, but I was looking anyway. I think I'm going to end up with a coolpix 4500... it splits the difference between cheap and what I really want.


the biggest rsync I've ever done has been running for the last 48 hours... 203 GB out of 267 complete. it's over a LAN, but the target machine is an old 533 MHz powermac, and rsync+ssh is killing it. I just don't care! HA~!


I had a killer headache this afternoon and ended up taking a nap for about three hours, so I'm not really tired now. but I'd like to get to bed eventually, so I'd prolly better get to work on the script I need to finish before I hit the sack.

betting rambling finished!

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