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the week ended to lots of work drama... shane's b-day dinner at buca friday night was cool, got to see mikey for the first time in forever, met his fiancé celeste, christy went with us, the shrimp parmagiana rocks, and I didn't eat too much dessert. yesterday shane and ashley and I went up to leo carillo and hung out on the rocks. the sun was out and the water was green, would have made for good photos except for the whole broken camera thing. soaked up some sun, metabolized some vitamin D... then we went to the warehouse and soaked up a bottle of riesling and some good chow and watched the sun set behind the clouds over the marina. programmers working towards a deadline punctuated yesterday and this morning with more work, and I made a trip to burbank last night to correct a wiring problem. resurrected a mac in hollywood and hopefully poked it with hdparm the right way to prevent more crashes. today on the work front equals php programming and a couple of debian installs at the mci colo in harbor's gate, interwoven with some r&r time.


n.b., residents of north carolina and the surrounding areas: tickets have been purchased!

I will be arriving at rdu on continental 2196 on tue 8/26 @ 8:28p. grub and cup a joe will be the first orders of business; beyond that I have no plans and will be making things up as I go along. my outbound flight is 2237 and departs rdu on sun 8/31 @ 5:45p. mandatory fun will be had by all.

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