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magic mountain rocked... déjà vu was closed like a little bitch (so I still haven't ridden that, or X, because the line is just retarded... next time, I think a fast lane pass might be in order), but I did get thrown up to 100 mph by a rail gun, and the new "floorless" coaster is really nice—although my favorite part might be the strangely-hinged two-piece platform that comes up under you at the station.

some of the old quisic crew is supposed to come over tomorrow for a little barbecue and to watch Clean Sweep... I know, seems strange, but a friend/coworker of ours is one of the hosts. but, he wasn't on the sneak preview this evening, so maybe we postpone until he makes an appearance.

I have a couple of work items to finish up sometime this weekend, but I dunno exactly when I'm gonna get them done. not now, that's for sure... it's almost time to pass out for the evening. I'm nice and clean, and bed is calling.

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