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I have the strangest conversations.

christy: are resolution and solution synonymous, and if so, why?
christy: not why as in definition, just WHY
christy: why would a solution need to be re-done? and what if it was solved the first time? was it REsolved even if it'd never been
solved before?!
christy: argh!
christy: working at 1am does bad things to my brain
greck: if it was solved once, it would be re-solved I think
greck: I'd say they're mostly synonymous
greck: solution seems to carry a connotation of exactness, where as resolution seems more subjective
greck: you resolve a relationship issue, but you solve a math problem
christy: hmmm. i guess i can buy that
christy: oh. good call.
greck: solution seems to have a sense of finality, too
greck: the problem with TiVo I resolved could reoccur
greck: the solutions to 4+4 is not likely to change
greck: *solution
greck: hahaha if it has solutions that would be a whole different problem
greck: which may or may not have a (re)solution
greck: =)
christy: SEE?
christy: i'm more confused now

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