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hope you didn't miss loveline tonight... adam was on a serious tear. I learned that rape isn't a sexual crime... it's a violent crime... that you cum at the end of. just like if you stole a car, and then came in your pants. things are so much clearer now.

I spent the day in grand terrace, working on a php+mysql project and fixing random firewall problems (it was too secure). it was hella hot during the day, but as the sun started to go down a breeze picked up, and it became really comfortable, really quickly. half the office was off pitching a client, so it was quiet and I got more done than usual.

you know that vw commercial with that song? you know, the "light and day" song. that's by a [currently] 24-piece band from texas called the polyphonic spree. the surprise is, the guy that started TPS is tim deLaughter... who fronted tripping daisy. random. "they're like the hare krishna jackson twenty-five." [listen to the interview on fresh air.]

stopped by the house, had another bowl of that cereal, breathed deeply for a few minutes... then headed up to burbank to do some diags on a big-ip. one of the HA pair is seriously sick. and the tool dell provided (they're dell-built powerapp 220s w/ f5's soft) to extract the logs from the management blade didn't work (of course). did some failover testing with and without the serial heartbeat... bizarre results, I'll just let them stew on them for a while and see what they come up with.

went by the garage to see my friend roman's band play... I caught like the last 3 songs, and then bailed on the rest of the bands so I could get home. wrote up my efforts from earlier, send some emails... time for bed.

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