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the chicken turned out just fine.

I didn't notice until I had to clutch for 20 miles, but sometime during exercise earlier I tweaked my left knee. it doesn't exactly hurt, it's just got that kinda woozy numb feeling, like the cartilage got drunk and is asleep on the job.

this afternoon's meeting got postponted; a short bit of work for tomorrow afternoon showed up right after. oh and I'm doing another interview in the morning...

I'm just about convinced that that client is never going to find anyone competent. they're looking for someone with a strong apache background (amongst other things), so after its established that they've been using apache "for years", my first question is always "what's your favorite DSO, and why?" so far, no one's even known what I'm talking about.


that doesn't seem like a good place to end, but nothing else is coming so I click post instead of staring a the cursor.

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