satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

it's basically only day two, and I've had it with all the labor disputes. how can people complain about their job when the unemployment rate is 6.1%? [] maybe I just have no sympathy because I've been laid off before, and I've taken drastic steps when faced with unsatisfactory work conditions, and nobody's ever had my back.

so I walked up to boccato's (local grocery) and picked up ½+½ so I can have coffee in the a.m., and a zucchini to throw on the grill tomorrow for lunch. it didn't seem all that expensive... I'm gonna hold on to the receipt and do a little research and if it's about the same, then all the chains up on PCH can bite my shiny metal ass.

tomorrow's cubs v. marlins game is going to be fantastic, but I'm not gonna be around to see it live. I think I'll tivo it and avoid the radio while I'm out. if you talk to me after the game starts, don't spoil it!

I got another surprise from amazon today. I guess hose () has absolutely no regard for my sanity, and sent me more lem. as if mortal engines wasn't mind-warping enough.

and a jury summons. superior court, could be fun.

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