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I got my birthday present from my mom in the mail today... an album of photos of me... when I was a baby, building the house, with my little sister, at the beach, with various relatives (including pop, who I'm named after), doing boy scout stuff, from the one prom I went to. when we talked on tuesday, she apologized for it being "nothing big". whatever... if I'm going to get a present at all, it's exactly the kind of thing I want. not that I don't appreciate a thoughtful gift now and then, it just doesn't really take a lot to make me happy.

of course now I don't know who sent me the trogdor the burninator hoodie, because I thought it was from mom because there was zero "from" information included. actually, I do know who it's from... if it's not from jon () and marie, then I'll eat it. someone 'fess up, I'm in the mood to mail thank-you cards.

went to see the new spike & mike's sick & twisted festival of animation friday night. had a really good time... "beyond grandpa" was probably the funniest, and "here comes dr. tran" was pretty good. there were some new happy tree friends from mondo media that I'd never seen, too.

yesterday shane () and I went down to south for ashley's () birthday dinner. we stopped at frank's () on the way to try and figure out what's wrong with the hard disk I took down last week (it's dead, jim). so I'm gonna badblocks(8) the hell out of a replacement, and take it down there on wednesday. fidel's was good, but I dunno if it lived up to frank's hype. down there, I'll take ranchos any day. I didn't really know anyone at dinner... I'd met ashley's brother and sister before, but that was about it. her mom is funny, and I can see the family resemblance f'sho.

been hanging around the house today, catching up on a week's worth of mail, balancing the books, cleaning, doing random paperwork... all the shit that piles up when I'm running around all week. gonna crank out a couple of proposals for a client sometime this evening, that won't take but a bit. I was hoping I'd have a light week before heading out of town next monday, but it's not going to happen. three client sites tomorrow including an afterhours install, another afterhours install tuesday, down at frank's on wed, in grand terrace on thurs as usual... and friday, if all goes well, relax.

hey, wait a minute... it's sunday! where's the pizza?

actually, no, I won't.

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