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midnight creeps up fast when you don't get home from work until 10 p.m.

the work-related good news is that I made friends with the PA (obviously he was the one that had to stay late and baby-sit me), and he was impressed with how I left the closet, and will be shouting my name from the tops of buildings. well I dunno about that last part, but I made sure he knew it was cool to pass along my contact info, and followed up with an email thanking him for hanging out late. yeah, more work from that direction would be sweet.

the not-work-related good news is that I'm just in a pretty good mood, because I like it when I can listen and it helps.

time for some tea, and then some sleep. I have 8 a.m. conference calls MWF now, but tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I get to wake up on the internal clock instead of the external one.

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