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dan showed up tuesday morning and we ended up going to san diego for the day... I dunno how he lived in LA most of his life and had never gone. we took the long way down the coast, and it pretty much rained the whole time. stopped at some random diner in oceanside for lunch... eventually hit up the torture exhibit at the museum of man, which disturbed me a lot more this time than the first time I saw it. it's finally going to be closing on the 31st, so go see it while you can. stopped by and hung out with mat for a while, and then popped in at the pizza place frank is moonlighting at it. the food was pretty good, but the music sucked, I think they need guidelines of some sort. I drove home, and dan and I hung out at my place and watched TV for a while, I got that call from hose I'd been waiting for, and then dan headed home.

wednesday... slept in a while, then met roman to go last-minute shopping with him for his parents' gifts before he headed up to fresno. braved the mall, got chocolate therapy from see's, hung out at his place for a while before he had to hit the road. picked up shane and headed back to my place... did some drinking and just chilled.

didn't do much yesterday... went to see return of the king finally, and it was really good. got pretty choked up during the last fifteen minutes as I (re-)realized a few things, but it passed. missed a bunch of phone calls while in the theater, and spent a while returning them and making a few of my own when I got home. the cold rain never let up, and it was nice to curl up and go to sleep at the end of the day.

today... the sun's out, which is a welcome change. I'm headed down to san diego again after a while to hang out with my friend bryen, who I haven't seen since he moved back to phoenix over a year ago. he's back now, and it's past time to catch up. actually I should make sure the cd player has batteries and then get my act together and get on the road while I can enjoy the day.

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