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satan's little suckass demonstration

I spent 12+ hours yesterday at the data center... that environment is…

12/31/03 12:23 am

I spent 12+ hours yesterday at the data center... that environment is hard on the body. the box is hosed, too. peter ended up reinstalling it again after I dropped him off at the hotel, and it ate itself again the same way. and people wonder why I don't like working with sun equipment. got home about midnight, passed out right quick. today... work ish in the morning, three miles and many dog vinyasas for lunch. got a call from my friend gilbert (haven't seen him in forever), and ended up driving over to montebello to hang out. we checked out all the record stores in uptown whittier, talked about life and love, rifled through the local borders... chalk him up next to roman on the list of people I need to see more than twice a fucking year. need to tie up a site alpha with christy tomorrow, so I'll be heading over there in the a.m. no idea what I'm doing tomorrow night, just gonna make it up as I go. random local bands at a place down the street on friday from 4-8. this weekend... maybe hit myself with a brick? just depends on the weather, I guess. (where's the rain? it's really clear out there right now.) and I know I keep saying this and not delivering, but disc golf for sure if the sun's out.
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