satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

where did this rain come from? whatever, it's nice... this year is the first time since I moved here that we've gotten real rain during the winter, and I'm enjoying it. looks like the sun will be out over the weekend, though, and I'm planning on enjoying that, too.

I've been on a thai bender since I got up yesterday morning, so there are rice noodles on for lunch. and chai.

I ended up stopping by jon and marie's for a couple of hours on new year's eve... they live in north pasadena, so I went with on their annual night-before survey of colorado. holy shit, that place was a war zone. it was just after 9p and there were tons of people there already, fires every few yards keeping people warm, kids throwing shit at cars, and the beginnings of the metric assload of garbage the city spent all of yesterday and probably today picking up. oh yeah, and riot cops. looked like a good time.

eventually I wandered over to covina to brett & michael's. I hadn't seen brett in over two years, and was kinda into the idea of going somewhere I wouldn't know anyone. good call, the party was just the right size and consistency... had several drinks, caught up with brett, got to know michael, made some new friends (morgan, lynn, brian). I sobered up eventually and headed home, and had a nice long sleep.

I don't usually do new year's resolutions... kinda falls in the same bucket with other things I don't think should have a special time of year to do. I have a few for myself this time around, but I'm not sharing them... consider it left as an exercise to the reader to notice what changes.

hey, my noodles are ready. back to reading gibson (I don't even like this book, how did it end up in my hand this morning?) and eating my breakfast.

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