satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

I forgot to mention, I heard a dad-to-wife-and-kids "did you see that haircut?" somewhere in rb.

I walked up to roundtable (the place with the always-funny marquee on sepulveda @ gould) and gotta say I'm happy with the pizza. I brought half a medium home for breakfast. and they deliver, in case two blocks up the hill is just too far.

I took the latest la weekly I had (dec 19-25, the winter film one)... didn't make it through, but a few things so far are memorable: a positive review of peter pan, a great totally pointless interview with tim burton, a reminder that film still moves people.

the smallest (the one in a highchair, she was maybe 3) of three asian kids at the next table stared at me the whole time I was there.

I had love from the usps waiting when I got home, form-of a big padded envelope from wil full of cds, consume patches, and a consume t-shirt. let the shameless brand-whoring begin! (I have a box of safety pins somewhere, I'll get to work on those patches right away. can I actually wash that shirt? the pooping SUV is solid, but the shoulder logo seems a little... delicate.)

and I'm completely out of coffee, I think I'll go remedy that.

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