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sean came down to hang out on saturday... he'd never been to the southbay before (I don't know how all these people that I know have lived in/around LA all their lives and somehow miss some of the best parts), so after we grubbed on the roof at el gringo, I took him on the peninsula/portuguese bend/point fermin/angel's gate park tour. I think he broke the record for saying "wow, this is really nice". anyway, it was clear and catalina was in full effect and I froze my ass off because as usual I'm dumb and didn't take any sleeves.

what did I do yesterday evening? honestly, I don't really remember. got up this morning, had lunch for breakfast, hit the beach and walked down to the jetty, pretzel shapes, had breakfast for lunch, shane came over, I sat in the corner and coded while he caught up on TV, pasta for dinner. it's almost half past twelve and I'd really like to finish this chunk of code I'm working on, but I'm fading out and I think I'm gonna call it a day.

january will be half over on wednesday. I have tickets to see one of my favorite bands on saturday. I need to find someone to take who will appreciate them. I feel like I'm getting sick, but I'm not having it. I have a sandy milkshake waiting for breakfast, and a perfect gala apple.

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