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I've been awake for 42 hours. actually in pretty good shape, but I'm about to turn off the phones and close the blinds and set the alarm for 10 hours.

work has been hell this week. made some progress, a lot left to do. apparently it's a three-day weekend, that gives me a little more breathing room.

now, to the important stuff.

the recover show.

oh my fucking god. I don't think I've ever had so much fun at a show. I don't even know how to describe it. they're incredible live, and there was something... I dunno, special about tonight, somehow. they finished with "bad timing" (see my home page, eh?), house lights came up immediately... and dan fell off the stage into the crowd, got picked up, and then literally started going from person to person, hugging everyone and saying "wow, fucking thanks so much for coming".

I'm serious, best show ever. if I've been to better, I can't remember it, and don't want to. I'm still awash in that sweaty-happy-show-people smell, too.

don't mind me, I'm enjoying life.

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