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I'm getting absolutely nothing done. well, mrtg is collecting ping stats now so I have a graph to give the vendor tomorrow when I call and crawl up their ass over the phone about those latency numbers. the weekend (well, the one day I took off) was not long enough. the coming week will not be long enough, either. my money will be in the account... on tuesday. (is there anyone reading this that gets that old-ass joke? yesterday I came across the "that's what you get for missing staff meetings" one. I miss the metric assload of in-jokes from my years in raleigh. also, the pun game.) I had another one of those moments earlier when I randomly found out someone I made an attempt to get to know in thee past, is friends with someone I do. it's a... curious sensation. part disappointment, part jealousy, part "it's a small world after all" (ratio left as an exercise to the reader). I have a friday deadline, and am going to be mostly incommunicado again this week as we work around the clock to make it. yeah, this time it's worth it. not sure when jesse's going to be here, so I think I'm going to take a nap now so I'll be ready to get started when he does.

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