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we got mickey out the door for his sales pitch just in time, complete with a really slick interactive blackjack game to show off on the demo kiosk. jason/henning/chris/amy/et al. downstairs really busted their asses to get all the media done, and it all turned out great.

vzw developed a glitch over the weekend that's a deal-breaker; we'll see how long it takes them to isolate and fix.

I felt a tickle on my leg earlier and when I reached down to scratch, I found a wolf spider that must have been 3 inches across. I called jason to bring up a broom while 8-legs took up refuge in my backpack, and now he's safely outside now, doing his thing.

jason's going to pick up lunch from demetri's... grilled ham & cheese it is.

matt's () moving back to SLC sometime in the next week. I'm planning on getting home this weekend so we can hang out some before he ships out...

been trying to spend more time at home, anyway. donato and I are both very over me living in an office 70 miles away. it's the means to a good end, but three months of exile is enough. the good news is, everything is continuing to gel and I'm pretty confident that as soon as we get the first round of units deployed, jesse and I will be able to be home five/here two instead of vice-versa. and jesse has an extra incentive now to be closer to home, so I think we'll be able to hit escape velocity pretty quick after he gets back next week.

I finally adapted some applescript this morning to default all my music to three stars. I'm going to be trying a tivo-esque method where everything starts neutral, and I assigned some hotkeys with synergy to thumbs-up and thumbs-down tracks as they play. do that for a week or two, feed it all into musicmobs, and see what comes out.

vzw just called back, they did do upgrades over the weekend, and the guy's on the details. and jason's back with food, so I'm off to eat. then a shower. definitely need a shower.

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