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it's been raining off and on since saturday, and non-stop since last night. I pretty much think it's fantastic, except for all the flash floods and bullshit that comes with it. they're already getting snow up in the mountains, that bodes well for the boarding crowd this year. lotsa people getting caught without chains, though...

the cough medicine kept me up all night. and I was just telling brain the cop about that last night... fucking cough, this morning I'm adding tea+honey+brandy to the regimen. I feel fine, I just want this nagging cough to go away.

today is nati's birthday. not sure what we're going to do yet, until later when it's time for juan's homemade chile verde and presents, and then probably drinking. I believe I've managed to keep my present-acquisition activities a complete secret, so with any luck, he'll be surprised.

another birthday phone call... this makes three, and it's not even 9 o'clock. his family is the bestest... when the first one came at 7, it made me think of jill.

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