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satan's little suckass demonstration

I have a moderately terrible headache, I think from the weather…

2/26/05 01:36 pm

I have a moderately terrible headache, I think from the weather changing. I've been off the decongestants for a week or so after being on them daily for like two, because they were starting to fuck with me. but I think I'm gonna break down and have two sudafed, two tylenol, and a cat nap.

donato came home for lunch and I make breakfast tacos, and that helped. and coffee (but not the G. maragogype today, I'm almost out). and I have work to do, and the sun is out. spending >50% of my brain power thinking about my head hurting though, so first things first.

speaking of cat naps, this one has been urinating like crazy lately (in the litter box... sorry, john) and around the first of the week, was having a problem keeping her back legs under her. vet wednesday morning, blood test back yesterday... she's definitely got adult-onset diabetes. so, glucose curve on tuesday and then insulin injections once or twice a day to keep her regulated. she's happy as a clam, though... did a lot of reading, and apparently cats are very resilient to diabetic side effects. with a good diet and some careful monitoring, most diabetic cats live normal life-spans, so I'm not really worried about her.

I think I'll drag her in bed, and make her take a nap now, too.
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