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like frank (), I'm pretty anti-meme. but wil () asked, and since the last thing I got asked to do by that household is pretty transcendental, I figured I'd take an easy one to get warmed up.

so if I go by play counts in itunes, the top five are all five tracks from ceci n'est pas recover, with "big eater" by the bad plus rounding out the top six.

doing one-per-band yields:

1. "bad timing (all right)" by recover
2. "big eater" by the bad plus
3. "cities" by chain (from the instrumental rough cut I have. sorry henning, the lyrics killed it for me.)
4. "joy opposites" by cave in
5. "be mini" by no knife
6. "arcarsenal" by at the drive-in

and yeah, I'm not going to tag anyone either. share if you feel like it.

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