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hey ex- and current glowing eggs:

I peek at the dashboard widgets page at apple now and then, looking for a 24-hour clock that has a wedge display that illustrates daylight v. nighttime. (I saw a watch like that once, and a java app, and thought it was a really cool idea. you all know I get SAD. although, not really anymore... LA is good medicine.)

anyway, so if you click that link above right now, you'll see that just such an app has debuted right there in the featured spot. [link for after it falls off the front page.] so I download it and I dig it, so I'm checking out the developer's web page and it has a link to the terre haute air show and I think "cool, wil & heath live there". so I WHOIS his domain to see if he really lives there and it comes back bloomington. so I email him and say "wow, cool app, and one of my best friends live in TH, and bloomington is cool I was there for a couple of weeks working for smithville telephone." and he writes back this morning and says

If you used to work for Smithville Telephone, then you might be acquainted with Greg Volan from Blue Marble. I worked for him at Bloomington's City Hall after Blue Marble was purchased by Smithville. That was back in 2001, I think.

and of course we do know greg volan! quick, someone play the internet remix of "it's a small world"!

I told him next time I was out visiting wil & heath, we'd drive down for an old-skool ISP reunion.

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