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erebasco1000: Buzz!! 11:27:33
greck: hello 11:27:43
erebasco1000: How are you doing ? 11:28:03
erebasco1000: its been long i heard from u 11:28:11
greck: do I know you? 11:28:17
erebasco1000: yeah,though its been long 11:28:46
erebasco1000: we met in yahoo personal 11:29:31
erebasco1000: remember now ? 11:29:37
greck: I don't recognize your name or photo from your yahoo profile 11:29:41
erebasco1000: yeah,actually dont have a profile 11:30:23
erebasco1000: am lucy by name 11:30:33
erebasco1000: 28yrs of age and am single 11:30:38
greck: and I'm gay, I'm not sure why we would have met on yahoo personals 11:30:53
erebasco1000: ooh u gay ? 11:31:52
greck: that's what they tell me 11:32:04
erebasco1000: so u are not really a gay ? 11:32:23
greck: I am, that's just a turn of phrase 11:32:37
erebasco1000: or are u one so i can introduce you to a gay too ? 11:32:38
greck: thanks for the offer, but I'm already in a relationship 11:33:27
erebasco1000: ok 11:33:29
erebasco1000: so are u interested in a man so i can introduce him to u ? 11:33:40
greck: umm no thanks, I already have one 11:34:02
erebasco1000: ok,thats nice then 11:34:33

she's also probably interested in purchasing "the above named Pet", if you happen to own a diesel truck.

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