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I'm drinking the last cup to come from the can of Maxwell House 1892 that wil () and heath () brought me from in-diana.

Oh shit. There's nowhere to point that link to. I wrote Maxwell House already to see if they've really discontinued it... if so, I'll begin hoarding. I mean, I can totally be a coffee snob, but 1892 is my favorite daily-drinking coffee. It started one day at the farmers' market restaurant, I think Jill was there and maybe someone else. The coffee there always rocked, and we had a table that day where we could see into the kitchen: it was coming out of a huge can of Maxwell House. I learned something that day. Not too long after they introduced 1892, and it's been something I've specifically enjoyed every since.

General warning to all who know me:

Be careful liking things I like. They have a tendency to be discontinued, bad for your health, or have singers predisposed towards overdosing on heroin.

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