satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

after some airport shenanigans, I ended up in phx a few hours late... wil & heath picked me up, we hit some (although I doubt they realize it) mexican/peruvian fusion place and I had the #16 which is really crunchy crinkle-cut french fries topped with carne asada and cheese. hella tasty. and the worst margarita I've had in ever, at any price. peeped in the window of macmedia since I totally missed the store experience, devised a plan for that on the next trip I make out here (a peanuts interpretation of the Genius Bar complete with cardboard booth). hairs are shorter and blacker. music exchange in progress. 8:15 implies attaining sky harbor at 7, so I'm turning in. the weather here was excellent today, crystal clear night with some highly illuminated high clouds. tomorrow raleigh has 67 degrees and rain. I barely remember what rain even is.

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