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Inspired by Jon's post, AB's Slow Cooker Pepper Pork Chops have been going since 1300, and the house smells like, well, it smells like PORKCHOPOLIS!!1.

Apparently contrary to temps in the 50s, there was sleet and snow flurries out by the coast today, inland of Malibu and in the TO area. It sprinkled (rain) here for about 10 minutes, that's all I saw.

Donato sent me a green bouquet today, for no particular reason. Lots of succulents, some flowers I cannot identify from memory, and a lime, which I've never seen in an arrangement before, and is kinda cool.

Terminix showed up for quarterly bug-deterring action. I've got multiple gigabytes of FCP traces to wade through. And it's time to feed the cats. That is all.

1. Wil Grundon, ladies and gentlemen. *applause*

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