satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

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01:06:52 — me, wil, t-money and d-baj at the yard house = a good time had by all; status report forthcoming, then bed
08:29:18 — engineer needs coffee... BADLY
11:01:26 — thinking that twitter is kinda like ESP, if your friends use it right
12:31:09 — delivered potential solution to customer, got my fingers crossed
14:25:49 — custie first test w/ solution went great... administrivia happenings, then get clean
16:32:15 — on the way to liven up MACMEDIA!
19:18:51 — simul-thinking about mysql5 taking a dump on x86_64, pat's safari acting the fool, and the price of 16 GB CF cards
20:21:34 — installing dev tools on the service machine so I can build dd_rescue and get some m.f. data off a busted disk
21:10:42 — headed back to wil's to regroup
21:48:06 — going to pappadeaux, gonna eat shrimps and pie
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