satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

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00:43:49 — nothing exploded at work, belly full, looking forward to eight uninterrupted hours of sleep
08:51:30 — shower time
12:45:06 — installing the new vmware fusion beta on a mac pro to see how fast it goes
14:32:28 — being amazed at how well the dx8 support works in the new vmware fusion beta
14:37:09 — chick-fil-a bitches
15:23:35 — RAM sold, going to wil's to pick it up
16:53:28 — I am also not caring
18:31:46 — drinking jones green apple soda while wil counts the cash
19:53:07 — goin' to get worms and dinner on the way to T-money's
20:58:16 — kentucky fried panda and makin' my mouth green
22:48:03 — 16R was awesome, why have I never been to VNY?
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