satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

Just in case you don't read the rest of this, I'll get the money-grubbing out of the way first. 533 (the great little hole-in-the-wall in Winston that Dave runs) is only going to be open another month or so because the building is being sold... so go support D.I.Y. shows there while you still can. And if you wanna help them claw their way outta debt, I'm gonna be sending them some cash in about 2 weeks--feel free to slip me a five sometime before then, or just sign up to use PayPal (which is cool as hell anyway) and I'll throw in the free five I get for the referral.


Ryan and I got to 533 last night about 8:30. The first band, Winston-Salem locals 10 Seconds Rule are headed in the right direction, but still need some work--too many covers, dammit, stick to original material. Luckie Strike was up next, and are way good... if you're looking for good girl-fronted punk, look no further. Their drummer Liz was very stoked I was wearing a Link 80 hoodie, since Adam is her boyfriend. We had an extra bonus emo band, Grey a.m., that I'd never heard of but were good... and they pulled one of the most fucked-up stunts I've ever seen on stage: one of their guitarists set the tops of the cymbals on fire and then breathed a 6-foot plume of flame into the air. Austin-natives Dynamite Boy are fun, have nice 3-way vocal stylings, and had the coolest t-shirts (I dig the little boxer dude with the black eye). Beefcake is, well, fun... but expectedly vulgar. And finally, well after midnight, Bigwig took the stage and played a good long set, including a aggro cover of the theme song from "Cheers" which was accompanied by an air guitar solo performed on a snow shovel. Awwww dammit, just go see them.

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