satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
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jeremy: damn the webbernet
jeremy: feeding our monkey brains at the speed of
jeremy: well, the webbernet
greck: yeah it sucks
greck: I spent like 15 minutes yesterday
greck: reading about BREAKFAST

[edit: additional suggested reading:

"The Outsourced Brain" -- David Brooks (NYT)
"Your Outboard Brain Knows All" -- Clive Thompson (Wired)]

[edit2: why, when we're instant messaging, do we not write complete sentences and then hit return? it occurs to me that generally we break a sentence up into several pieces at what are more-or-less logical lexical boundaries. is it to provide the illusion of the continuous experience that talking is? or the corollary, to make ourselves more interruptible? or something else?]

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