satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

So yesterday afternoon Abbey, Carrie and I drove to the Pizzeria Uno in Greensboro for lunch. The verdict is... not quite up to the original, but pretty good. They take the shortcut of putting a wire grate in the bottom of the pan to make the pie cook faster (about 15-20 minutes, instead of 45) and I think that makes the difference.

Then instead of just driving back... we went on adventure through the piedmont. We took a fairly complex route... down US 220, NC 49 and NC 134 to the Uhwarrie National Forest, down NC 109 and a gravel loop road [Carrie solo/Abbey and Carrie/all three of us], via NC 24/27, 705 and 902 ("I'd go a long way to smoke a llama") to Pittsboro... and then up US 64 back to Raleigh. Almost 8 hours out of the house, not bad.

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