satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

OK time for a little catch-up. I almost feel obligated, since someone actually said they like to read this stuff.

So last Tuesday Jackie and I co-locomoted to Cary Towne Center--myself to pick up a copy of Fight Club and her to buy a top to go with her recently acquired leather pants (which look good on her, incidentally). We go into this place called Hot Topic which appears to be a trendy goth/raver kind of place at first... and then an AFI t-shirt on the wall catches my eye. Turns out there's all kinds of cool punk rock t-shirts, and an impressive selection of CDs [I bought a copy of the All Hallows EP] and even vinyl [I bought a reprint of the old Pennywise Wildcard 7" too]. And I'm thinking, "at the mall, in Cary?" Too weird. There are a ton of locations; they must be doing something right.

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