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rudimentary URL hotlinking

lesboot asked for this (and it was needed), so here it is.

fixes up entity tags for < and >, so no more &lt; crap

now using since_id instead of trying to be smart about times

this is a huge one... the first time you run birdcage now, it will default to the most recent 20 tweets (you'll have to touch up that entry by hand). but after that, it will remember the actual last tweet id, and use that as the reference for the next run... even if it's not 24 hours. so all you have to do now is, well, run it occasionally. no worrying about the schedule! it'll grab up to 100 tweets since the last one it saw, which should be plenty if you're digesting once every day or so.

[edit: yes, fallenangel, this update allows me and others to escape any time loops we may have been caught in.]

configuration is now kept in ~/.birdcagerc

that's right, a real configuration file. no more editing the script! so port all your configuration settings... the format is guessable, but it should look like kinda like this example birdcage.rc. don't forget to chmod 600.

don't need the TZ setting anymore

so don't bother porting that piece of your config... it's detected automagically from the status stream now.

and finally, if there aren't any new statuses since the last run... it won't post at all!

that's it for 0.3. there's absolutely no error checking on reading the config file yet, so YMMV if you make typos or have funky characters in your userpic keywords or ... you get the idea.

let me know (or submit a patch) if you encounter any problems.

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