satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

HobbesWERK: i really wish there was a visual vlan tutorial
HobbesWERK: because i have no idea what "no untagged" (notation untagged) means
greck: does that...
greck: enable tagging?
greck: lol
HobbesWERK: so far in these HPs
HobbesWERK: i see
HobbesWERK: tagged
HobbesWERK: untagged
HobbesWERK: no tagged
HobbesWERK: no untagged
HobbesWERK: lol
greck: that seems like 2x as many options as are necessary


greck: today's topics of discussion have included Google Wave Is Just IRC In A Web Browser and HP ProCurve Switches: Actually Stupid Or Just Unintelligible?
Riverside: no
Riverside: its Not Un-unintelligible
greck: dammit you made my LOL on the phone
Riverside: hahahahahhaha

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