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satan's little suckass demonstration

<jesse> I'm interested in building a Farnsworth Fusor, mostly…

9/23/10 07:46 am

<jesse> I'm interested in building a Farnsworth Fusor, mostly for the neutrons
<greck> so you can set off alarms at SNO in the middle of the night? :-)
<jesse> well, not until you suggested it

Incidentally, as much as I love my my new school, I learned a lot (although not necessarily in the classroom) at NCSU, and they deserve mad credit for doing great things... since way back right up until today. To wit:
September 5, 1953

NC State’s School of Engineering today operated the world’s first nuclear reactor used for teaching, research and public service (first non-government nuclear reactor). One year later, NC State launched the nation’s only doctoral program in nuclear engineering.
[source: http://www.engr.ncsu.edu/news/media/pdfs/timeline.pdf]
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