satan's little suckass demonstration (greck) wrote,
satan's little suckass demonstration

Just back in from taking my sister to lunch. She drove up last night and slept on the couch so she could go to the health board or whatever and get her cosmetology license paperwork done and get back to Ayden in time for work. A few more months and she'll be ready to move back out west.

In other news, a few days ago I posted a comment on a discussion board at CNN about casual Fridays in which I mentioned that my resume even indicates I'm liable to dye my hair blue. Since capability and professionalism as indicated by dress were being discussed, I linked my resume in so people could make their own decision about my qualifications if they wanted.

And email this morning from some random person asking what the books that I continually re-read are prompted me to revisit the discussion. I have to admit, the unsolicited public feedback on my resume was not unappreciated:

Wednesday, 10/25/00, 11:42:08am (#128 of 133)

Greck Cannon (#125), Impressive resume. Looking for a job in Massachusetts? You could come to work in a loin cloth for all I care, but you may want to wear more than that because winter is approaching.

Wednesday, 10/25/00, 12:33:33pm (#130 of 133)


Nice resume, when iXL goes down, we have a desk for you here. My fiancee worked there, left a few months back when the stock was still in the 30s.
I'm gonna have to make a conscious effort to compliment people's good points for the next couple of weeks to keep the karma rolling.

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