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So, I just found out about OmniGraphSketcher and was all excited. I need good data analysis tools, and I really like everything from The Omni Group that I already use. So I download it, and try to import a random dataset with 6 columns x 36,367 rows, and get this:

+1 for honesty, but I submitted feedback and asked for a few million data points without penalty. I'll buy a copy for rendering pre-reduced data sets (it's a swank tool, never seen anything like it), but if they add sheer capacity and some exploration tools... this will be serious gold.
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Discourse on the Xbox...

<greck> the old b/g one can't carry enough b/w to get video to the xbox in a timely fashion
<wil> xbox?
<wil> you son of a bitch!
<wil> now, I can take my best friend being gay, owning a japanese pickup truck, having a cat...
<wil> BUT AN XBOX!!??
<wil> that, sir, is unacceptable!
<wil> nickle and dime box, I say
<greck> I got everything I need including FOUR controllers and it's a new jasper mobo for < ps3 in a box
<wil> yeah, but you have to pay to get online
<wil> silver, gold, polished-turd level access plans
<wil> you traitorous SOB
<wil> I'd ride a bicycle to flagstaff to kick you in the shin, if I owned one.
<wil> it's because of micr0$uck that I can't watch hulu via my ps3 browser anymore
<wil> fucking assholes
<wil> for reals, the kind of dude that would deny his BEE EFF EFF online games of super puzzle fighter by
      buying MICROSOFT PRODUCTS is the kinda guy that would bang his friend's sister.
<wil> also, you know why I bought a DREAMCAST?!? because it was cheaper than the ps2 -- and look where THAT GOT ME!!
<greck> you won't be QUITE so sad when you come and visit and you get to play castle crashers, which rocks
<wil> you know what else rocks? standing up to facism!
<wil> but you wouldn't know anything about that, HIMMLER!!!
<wil> Goebbels McSwastika over there playing Halo 3 and trying to port WinMo 7 beta to his iPhone.
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"The Constitution is perhaps the most geeky document of all time. It is essentially the Frequently Asked Questions list of the United States. It was written by moneyed, sickly, bookish, bifocal-wearing nerds, who believed that God was a distant, uncaring Dungeon Master."

( Mac spokesman and supernerd John Hodgman gets a chance to speak in front of the president and uses it to quiz him on comic books, Dune, and Star Trek. )

Fifteen minutes well-spent. Anyone who can quote Irulan and get laughs is alright in my book.
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another new birdcage.pl! (version 0.3.4)

sans_cosm_ discovered an issue where tweetie puts an actual \n in the <text>...</text> part of the xml, which wasn't being handled gracefully. this has been hacked around.

also, there was a leftover bit of debug code that was forcing the lj post status to have always succeeded, which could have grossly defeated the error-checking logic that makes it not bump since_id if the tweets never make into a journal entry. this has also been fixed.
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[2:26pm] greck: anyone here on last.fm that isn't already my friend?
[2:26pm] Zombie_Jesus: I need to get on that.
[2:26pm] greck: if so add me http://www.last.fm/user/greck
[2:27pm] GEN3RIC: I should too. gosh. I just use the Zune social for that stuff
[2:27pm] Zombie_Jesus: Zune
[2:27pm] Zombie_Jesus: HAAHA
[2:27pm] Zombie_Jesus: Zune
[2:27pm] Zombie_Jesus: Sorry.
[2:27pm] GEN3RIC: You may mock it, but i adore it
[2:27pm] greck: OK so at the risk of being an ass
[2:27pm] greck: how is it "social" when you're the only one that has one?
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new, new birdcage.pl! (version 0.3.1)

testing with dakus' help, it became obvious (as it should have been from the start) that windows doesn't really do getpwuid() or like files that start with dots. so, if your $^O eq MSWin32, then it will now locate the script and use birdcage.rc in the same directory for configuration.
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new birdcage.pl!

rudimentary URL hotlinking

lesboot asked for this (and it was needed), so here it is.

fixes up entity tags for < and >, so no more &lt; crap

now using since_id instead of trying to be smart about times

this is a huge one... the first time you run birdcage now, it will default to the most recent 20 tweets (you'll have to touch up that entry by hand). but after that, it will remember the actual last tweet id, and use that as the reference for the next run... even if it's not 24 hours. so all you have to do now is, well, run it occasionally. no worrying about the schedule! it'll grab up to 100 tweets since the last one it saw, which should be plenty if you're digesting once every day or so.

[edit: yes, fallenangel, this update allows me and others to escape any time loops we may have been caught in.]

configuration is now kept in ~/.birdcagerc

that's right, a real configuration file. no more editing the script! so port all your configuration settings... the format is guessable, but it should look like kinda like this example birdcage.rc. don't forget to chmod 600.

don't need the TZ setting anymore

so don't bother porting that piece of your config... it's detected automagically from the status stream now.

and finally, if there aren't any new statuses since the last run... it won't post at all!

that's it for 0.3. there's absolutely no error checking on reading the config file yet, so YMMV if you make typos or have funky characters in your userpic keywords or ... you get the idea.

let me know (or submit a patch) if you encounter any problems.
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[11:23am] HobbesWork: The VMware transporter is like 10000x better than Parallels
[11:23am] HobbesWork: Parallels encountered a bad sector!
[11:23am] HobbesWork: JOB HALTED
[11:23am] HobbesWork: A CHALLENGAR APPEARS
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I'll be arriving in the triangle early in the morning on wednesday 5/6 with matt (sans_cosm_) in tow. I'm on vacation and will be dragging him around the state through sunday 5/10, when he heads back to LA. I'll keep being there (but working) until tuesday 5/26.
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